The Scanning Tunneling Microscope is giving unprecedented insight into magnetic phenomena on the atomic scale. The objective of this meeting is to share the state-of-the-art among the actors in this field, as well as among interested students/researchers in related areas. Following the very successful SoS meetings of 2016 and 2018 at the Miramar palace, we host a third SoS workshop. The topic is timely and in expansion. We increase the original scope of the workshop to include the very exciting developments in quantum information thanks to the new ability of the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to measure and control quantum spins. Then, the workshop will be devoted to the study of single magnetic moments on solid surfaces, their detection, manipulation, and encoding of quantum information. The single magnetic moments can be in atomic or molecular form, both systems having interesting properties to explore. Of great interest, the detection of spin resonance signal is becoming a landmark, and it is important to keep updated in this quickly developing field. The problems of correlations and the building in of information by manipulation and assembling quantum objects in a bottom up approach will also be a key component of the workshop. Finally, the introduction of superconducting substrate is giving a new twist to the field thanks to the complex behaviour of Cooper pairs in the context of magnetic local moments. This has led to the suggestion of creating Majorana fermions with tremendous implications on the field of quantum information. The Majorana fermions signal a topological phase of the superconducting substrate. Not only are they a new phase of matter but they have exotic transformation properties that permit to encode quantum computation. Due to their topological character, the new quantum operations are free of decoherence, becoming a new standard in quantum technologies.

This workshop will take place in Donostia-San Sebastian during summer time, 2023 in the historical place Palacio de Miramar (exact date will be announced in due time).

The covered material will be: 
1. Single-atom magnetic inelastic spectroscopy. 
2. Single-molecule magnetic inelastic spectroscopy. 
3. Localized moments on different substrates: metals, insulators, superconductors, topological insulators. 
4. Spin dynamics on adsorbed atoms: T1 and T2 measurements and calculations. 
5. Electron spin resonance on a single atom. 
6. The Kondo effect. 
7. Entanglement in few-atom systems. 
8. Qubits on the atomic scale. 

Organizing Committee:
Deung-Jang Choi, CFM (CSIC-UPV/EHU), DIPC, Spain 
Andreas Heinrich, Center for Quantum Nanoscience, Korea